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Brand: Puricom
Features: Water connections (input group) Easy maintenanceEasy use of water and available up to 5 stages Aesthetic, organized and clean appearanceSuitable for both wall and table3.2 Janon or 5.5 Janon NSF Standard Water Tank Built-in Glycerin Adjustment IndicatorDrain valve is fully assembled, factory-selected, 100% sterile, and ready to install..
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Brand: Puricom
Features: Innovative magnetic closure, easy to open for maintenanceCompact design, 50% space saving, 50% filtration efficiency.Active ingredients Made from food-grade materials A work of art for water purificationThe quick-change cartridge design is compact and easy to install4 in 1 intelligent control function, water quality detection, RO membrane automatic cleaning, filter replacement alarmleaka..
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Brand: Puricom
Available up to 5 stages of water purification systemThe first: Polypropylene 5 microns removes sand, silt, dirt and rust particlesThe second: activated carbon granules that remove chlorine and pollutants, remove odor and colorThe third: activated carbon block removes alcohol and organic chemical pollutants and removes odor, color and pesticide residuesFourth: The reverse osmosis membrane (Membran..
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Brand: Puricom
Features: A clean and organized aesthetic appearance Made of plastic No rust Additional space for use:Flat science cover plate with short edge to hold some glasses, mugs and cans on the board without falling offSuitable for both from the wall and under the table Easy use Available up to 6 stagesMade of eco-friendly materialsRevolutionary washable and replaceable tank..
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Brand: Puricom
Features: Built-in space savingsmart LED indicator4 in 1 smart functionsFilter change notificationleakage sensorautomatic recruitment..
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Brand: Puricom
Enjoy the elegant shape and pure life: Modern streamlined water wave designModern compact design, space-efficient, advanced rationalization functionComputer controlled illuminated system and UV lamp works as a final safety measure4 in 1 smart functionsleakage sensorFilter change notificationautomatic cleaningwater quality index..
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