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Unionaire - Air Conditioner TFD Free Stand 5 HP

Unionaire - Air Conditioner TFD Free Stand 5 HP
Unionaire - Air Conditioner TFD Free Stand 5 HP


TFD 036 _HR

• Very elegant design to suit any decoration.
• Energy saving with low power consumption.
• Ultra quiet operation.
• Advanced-technology PC-board for full control.
• “DRY” mode reduces water vapor by computerized dehumidification.
• Programmable timer controls the unit operation.
• Automatic selection of 3-stage indoor fan speed.
• Electronic system provides 3 minutes anti short cycle protection for compressor, which guarantees total system integrity.
• Self-diagnosis function.
• Efficient, easy removable and cleanable air filters.


Dimensions  - Indoor Unit (WxHxD) : 600x1890x370 mm

Dimensions - Outdoor Unit (WxHxD) : 1110x943x417 mm

Net Weight - Indoor Unit : 53 Kg

Net Weight - Outdoor Unit : 80 Kg

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  • Model: Free Stand
  • warranty: 5 سنوات
  • Location: الاسكندرية
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