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SHARP Split Air Conditioner 2.25HP Cool Inverter Digital With Plasma Cluster In Silver Color AH-XP18UHE

SHARP Split Air Conditioner 2.25HP Cool Inverter Digital With Plasma Cluster In Silver Color AH-XP18UHE
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SHARP Split Air Conditioner 2.25HP Cool Inverter Digital With Plasma Cluster In Silver Color AH-XP18UHE

SHARP Air Conditioner 2.25HP Cool
Cooling Capacity : 17.400 ( BTU/H )
Air Conditioner Color : Silver
Inverter Technology :-
Advanced Technology contribute to reduce costs and energy consumption by switching the compressor between high and low operation modes instead of switching it on and off.
Eco Mode :-
The air conditioner will operate with lower power consumption than usual in this mode with 2 steps by remote control.
Led display : Temperature setting display on IDU .
Plasma cluster ion :-
Sharp’s unique Plasma cluster technology uses the actions of positive and negative ions to clean up bacteria and viruses inside rooms.
- Self clean with plasma cluster.
Super jet function : The air conditioner works at maximum power to make the room cool rapidly.
Gentle cool air :-
Delivers gentle cool air up through ceiling
than down through the floor to prevent the
conditions are too cold.
4 Way auto swing : Louvers can move up and down, left and right automatically.
Other Features and Functions :-
Dry function
Automatic operation
12 Hours On / Off Timer
LCD Wireless remote controller
(Auto & 3 Steps) for speed settings
Using environmentally friendly Freon (R410a)
Anti-corrosion (Outdoor side)
Low noise
My area function
Nature wing
Auto restart
Self diagnoses
Energy Efficiency Ratio ( EER ) : 18.5 BTU/H
Energy Efficiency Class : ( A++++ )
Pipe connection length : 3 Meter
Dimensions ( Width x Height x Depth ) mm :-
Indoor Unit : 1040 x 325 x 222
Outdoor Unit : 890 x 645 x 327
Net Weight :-
Indoor unit : 15 Kg
Outdoor Unit : 41 Kg
Gross Weight :-
Indoor Unit : 18 kg
Outdoor Unit : 45 kg
Country Of Origin : Egypt
Warranty : 5 Years full free warranty

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  • Stock: Will be available again soon
  • Model: AH-XP18UHE
  • warranty: 5 سنوات
  • Location: الاسكندرية
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